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5 Systems for Coaching Business You Should Automate


When you first set up your coaching practice, I bet you didn’t know how much really goes into running an online business…

It is more than likely that after a short while you realized there is a thousand and one things to do and not enough time in the day. There is the opt-in, landing pages, website, social media, marketing plan, packages, blogging… and so much more!

How can you spend less time on repetitive tasks so you get more time on doing what you truly love?


Automating your business is probably one of the most time saving things you can do.

When your business is automated, a lot of day-to-day tasks run on autopilot, leaving you to focus on what you enjoy most – helping your clients. After all this was the reason you started the business in the first place, right?
You will not only be saving time but you'll also set yourself up to get more clients and earn more money.
You’d be amazed at how many hours per week you can save by automating those repetitive tasks.

Here's an example of 5 systems for coaching business to automate in your business to become more productive and consistent:

1. Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

When it comes to booking appointments, lots of time can be wasted going back and forth trying to find a suitable time for both you and the prospective client.

Thankfully these days you can automate the entire process of booking, confirming and sending reminders for your appointments. There are plenty of online tools you can choose from to have your clients book strategy calls.

Once set up, all you need to do is send the link to your booking calendar (which is also linked to your calendar). From there a prospect can book a suitable time with you. Following the booking, a confirmation and reminders will be sent to their email address. This will ensure that they’re ready for the call at the scheduled time. Plus you’ll also get an email to notify you that a booking has been made. The time in your calendar will be marked with details of the session.

2. Follow up plan (prospect follow up)

This procedure is to outline what happens if a prospect leaves a strategy session and doesn’t decide to work with you. They might just need some time to think about it or talk with their spouse etc.

If they leave your strategy session and didn’t say ‘No’ to working with you, you need to have a follow up plan. What are the steps to follow up with that person?

List them in a list as a procedure. To automate it, look at creating a template for the follow up email, and have it sent automatically, i.e. 1 week after the session.

3. Welcoming New Customers (Client Enrolment procedure)
This is a recurring task that you will be doing every time you get a new client. Create a procedure and then Automate it.

Once a client says ‘Yes’ to working with you, what are the next steps that you need to take? It’s very likely that it will look something like this:
systems for coaching business

List all the necessary steps, then create a template for each document. You can also automate it in a workflow – once you’ve entered client info and invoice, the remaining steps are carried out on autopilot.

4. Testimonial and Referral Requests

Most people are more than happy to give a glowing testimonial after they’ve worked with you. The trick is remembering to send one.

A lot of times this task can get overshadowed by all the other tasks on your TO DO list. Yet testimonials are crucial to our business and should be obtained from every client.

You can easily automate it by adding your request for testimonial and a referral to your customer follow up series. This can be a checklist that has a template, ready to edit and send. Or you could use a workflow which will take care of it automatically at the time specified by you.

5. Marketing Method

If you don’t have a system for your marketing, it is likely that you feel scattered and are not achieving much results.

There is so much that can go into marketing, the trick is to find out what works for you and your business and then creating a system that you can follow.

First decide on the ways you will market your business. Then write out steps that you will take to carry out the plan. It could involve workshops, webinars, articles. For example if you one of your marketing methods are webinars, create a step by step checklist for technical set up of the webinar. Then create steps you will be taking to promote that webinar, steps you will be taking post webinar i.e. email marketing webinar follow up, upsale etc.

If you are list building you can automate your emails. This means that every time someone signs up to receive your gift, they will receive the same sequence of automated emails.


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So here you have it, the 5 systems to automate your coaching business.

A lot of things can be automated in your business, much more than listed here. The goal is to streamline all the tasks that can be automated and create that time that all us, entrepreneurs always need more of. Setting up systems for coaching business will set you up for success.

Automating is not an easy task. Initially it takes up a lot of time, research, planning and then implementing. This is why a lot of entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and put off automation for ‘later’. What they don’t realize is that putting in the work up front will make their life so much easier in a long run. Not to mention more clients and very likely an increase in revenue.

Start to automate your systems, set up those 5 systems to automate your business today.

WORK HARD ONCE…. reap benefits later!

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