Online tools for webinars

Online tools for webinars

What you need to know about online tools for webinars

What you need to know about online tools for webinars. Hosting a webinar can be one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your business. But you are going to need some equipment and maybe a gadget or two, in order to conduct one. Don’t worry, it isn’t anything complicated and you probably have most of it already, but you should be aware of what online tools for webinars are required and how to use them to host an effective webinar.


You are going to need a high-speed computer to host webinars online. Your computer needs to be able to run the platform for the webinar as well as the presentations that you are running such as slides, video or any other media. In addition, you may be recording your webinar on the same computer, although ideally, you should be doing this on a different one.


You want wired internet not WiFi. It makes a HUGE difference. Obviously, you also need a fast connection because you are going to be streaming out to a big audience and you don’t want them to see a poor quality image or have audio that cuts out on important concepts.


The microphone you choose is also important. If you can spend $100, there are some really good quality microphones that plug in via USB and give you crystal clear audio – the Blue Yeti is one of the online tools for webinars that will make sure your sound quality is perfect.
Online tools for webinars


If you are broadcasting audio on your webinar, you are going to need a pair of headphones (or a headset with mic included) so that you don’t send out feedback from your speakers.


Invest in an HD webcam if your computer doesn’t already come with one. These days, anything professional is in HD and you want to be known as a professional during your webinar.

Check out this Logitech camera on Amazon

online tools for webinars


Lighting is also important as one of the online tools for webinars. Good lighting can make you look even better on camera, while bad lighting can make you look like an amateur.

Software / Platform

Generally, this will be web-based, so you don’t have to worry about buying it. However, some platforms do have plugins that must be installed.

Presentation Software

You are going to need some kind of presentation software like PowerPoint in order to show your slides.

Recording Software

As previously mentioned, you ideally want to record on a separate computer than the one you are using to run the webinar. Otherwise, you may experience a maxed out CPU and internet brown-outs. But you also need recording software to record your presentation.

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