Order & Flow


Your business is growing, clients are flowing in and time is running short… You should be focusing on your clients but there are all these endless tasks on your to-do list…

You value your time and dealing with all those pesky tasks makes you feel frustrated and totally not aligned with what you set out to do…

Maybe you hit a brick wall and finally realized that in order to uplevel your business you will need a system, an automated system that will take off hours from your day, so you can enjoy serving your clients and making a difference.

Or you might be just starting out but you’re a smart cookie because you value your time and want to hit the ground running with robust systems that will allow you to scale up and get clients quickly.
With the right systems in place you will have a successful business, more time on your hands, more clients and a peace of mind that the business systems are supporting you on your journey.

Your solution:

Order & Flow


This is a 12 week one-on-one consultation and implementation package where you come out with a fully structured business that runs on automatic and generates a consistent flow of clients.
  1. We will start with a 90 minute VIP session where we review your business, discuss what’s working and what’s not working, and come up with a strategy to uplevel your business systems.

  2. I will conduct an extensive research, then suggest tools and software that will be best suitable to your business needs. The goal is to streamline and automate most parts of your business.

  3. During the implementation stage we will meet bi-weekly to discuss progress, do training or follow up on your tasks (yes, you will have tasks too but don’t worry, I will be there holding your hand all the way through). Plus you will have me on email if you ever get stuck or need to ask a question.
Basic organization is important for future flow. We will be looking at your filing system to ensure it is flowing smoohtly and effortlessly.
Email Management
How many emails do you currently have in your inbox? We will be organizing your inbox with filters and tags for ease of use and a peace of mind. Let's get you to Inbox Zero!
Getting paid is an important part of your business. We will be creating an automated payment system so your accounts are all up to date and you never have to worry about sending invoice reminders.
Client Onboarding
The way you onboard clients makes all the difference in your business. Smooth onboarding ensures client satisfaction and, in turn, referrals. Automated workflows for client onboarding and prospect follow up.
Social Media
Social media is an important part of your organic marketing efforts. We will cover Facebook visibility, fan pages, Facebook groups and LinkedIn organic lead generation.
Marketing System
Marketing should be an ongoing activity to drive your business forward. Aside from addressing organic marketing, we will create an automated lead gen funnel so that you can start connecting with prospective clients.
At the end you will also receive documented processes – step by step checklists of your business’ flow that you or anyone can easily replicate.

If you EVER feel there is too much to learn/remember, if you ever need someone to cover for you, or if you are ready to outsource some tasks to a VA, you.need.those.checklists.

Those documented processes will ensure that your business is being run with utmost consistency and efficiency, no matter who is carrying out the task.
And if that’s not enough, you will also get 2 weeks of email support following the completion of the project.
Plus you get to keep all the training videos made for you during our time together!


End result?

A fully streamlined business with automated systems that runs smoothly and feels EASY.

Can you feel the sense of freedom?

No more stress, no more overwhelm.


Perfect Order & Flow~

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